Copper Heaters

Copper rod heaters are used for heating water and steam production, for example in coffee machines, various steam generators and boilers.
Heaters for Catering and Hotel Industry

Various tubular heaters for catering, immersion and air heaters; heaters for deep fryers—deep fat fryers, steam generators, ovens, convection ovens, grills, water baths and the like. All are made from quality stainless steel materials.
Heaters for Steam Machines and Steam Production

Tubular heaters used for larger industrial steam machines, for steam production, sauna heaters, heaters for irons and the like. All are made from stainless (Inox) steel and copper tubes.
Industrial Heaters

Various heaters for production: tubular and rod heaters, panel heaters, band heaters, air heaters, and heaters for various tools and machines are made to measure or manufactured on the basis of a sample. We also produce custom-made heating installations or appliances for heating air in air vents and similar.
Band and Panel Heaters

Rod, Tubular, Cartridge Heaters

High-Performance Immersion Heaters and Specialised Heaters

We produce custom-made heaters with thermoregulation. These types of heaters are used for cooking juice, pasteurisation, or for heating various liquids such as milk and oil. You can also put or immerse a heater in a tub or a barrel.
Various Custom-Made Heaters

Air Heaters with Cooling Ribs

Stainless Steel Heaters, Inox

Immersion Heaters, Nickel-Plated with Anodic Protection

These are high-quality copper and nickel-plated heaters, which are best suited for stainless steel boilers or steam generators; such heaters can be used in all types of boilers or steam generators. We can also add an anode on the flange of the boiler to provide additional protection to the heater and boiler.
Immersion Heaters with Regulation

Immersion Heaters, Inox Steel

Immersion Heaters from stainless steel tubes (INOX) can be made with specific qualities (AISI 316, INCO).
Mounting Equipment

Sensor Probes

We produce sensor probes with Inox steel or copper of various sizes.
Infrared Air Heaters

Air heaters, infrared heaters, fan heaters.